Time Fuels Revenge

by Munro

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Born out of a desire to create music without boundaries and a need to prove himself worthy of providing music to the masses Munro has self-produced, performed, mixed and mastered this album. Featuring music written solely on a 7 string guitar this album contains music spanning rock to progressive metal. Lyrical content also features several different languages including: English, French, Japanese, Chinese and Russian. It touches on subjects such as the worlds monsters and horrors being the work of a Circus buried between earth and hell, songs about the sun being the ironic end to the world and even touching on social conventions that aren't handled with care in modern society. There is something for everyone in this mash of genres, combining blast beats and trouser-flapping 7 string power to mixing dubstep and chinese rap. I hope you enjoy his album as much as I enjoyed getting sick from making it.


released April 26, 2013

Guitars - Jake Munro
Drums - Jake Munro
Bass - Jake Munro
Vocals - Jake Mu.........You get the point



all rights reserved


Munro Belfast, UK

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Track Name: The Circus of Fear
Welcome, welcome one and all
To the home of the worlds most terrifying monsters
Where our greatest attractions are the stars of your nightmares.

I hope you left all of that fear back there on earth
‘Cause we’re recruiting and we like the way you look

Why don’t you look around?
Check out the main attractions
We’re all here to terrorize your mind
I know you must be reeling
But we just got this feeling
Now stay a while and they’ll make you feel at home
All this is here at the circus of fear

Do you see the bats are flying by the circus spire
And all our eyes are filled up with a murderous fire
We’re the ones that you wished were never true
But the truth is that we’d love to be with you

Take my hand and fall away…

Well we’ve had some fun here to day
But it aint over yet
Are you ready to meet some of our main attractions?
But I must warn you
These are some of the most horrifying creatures mankind has experienced

Firstly, I introduce to you, hailing all the way from Germany. This beast is best known for stealing and devouring the disobedient children of the Yule season. I give to you THE KRAMPUS!

Next up is a creature of gruesome features. He has sunken dark eyes and pail skin that is stretched over his bones. Be wary if you’re in the forest tonight because I give you the ORIGINAL WENDIGO!

My last creature is one of the oldest of them all here at the circus of fear but you would recognize him from the handy work he did to that poor girl over 40 years ago. I give you the demon of the southwest wind PAZUZU!
Track Name: Behold the Sunrise
This is the only way you’ll ever leave
Because you don’t know how you can believe

The shining light that once gave life will now renounce us all in fire
This condemnation will be our last as we all incinerate

Learning this changed my life forever more
But now I see the light
Behold the sunlight
That kills us now

This is the end

I see the fatal sunrise
Coming to kill us all
Everything we all worked for
Will just burn and fall
Your skin blister
Your eyes will melt away
And I will watch in pleasure
As we all fade away
Track Name: O, Bozhe [Oh, God]
On the open sea
(Na otkrytoye more)
Nothing but water and wood
(Nichego, krome vody I dereva)
I’ve thought all my thoughts
(YA dumal, chto vse moi mysli)
My wits are getting thin
(Moy um stanovitsya tonkim)

I’m facing a dangerous choice here
By my own internal voice
But I still have yet one last shred
Of sanity causing this dread

Oh, God
(O, bozhe)
Oh, God
(O, bozhe)
I’m going insane
(YA skhozhu s uma)

But these are the best of men
And they would never do that to me
So cast me down to hell to pay
Evil has no place in me
I will not kill
(YA ne budu ubivat’)

I’ve finally freed my mind
On deck I smile out to sea
My senses tell me
(Moi chuvstva govoryat mne)
Nothing is ok
(Nichego ne v poryadke)
Track Name: Futatabi Funshitsu [Lost Again]
Hidden in the empty silence
(Sora no shijima no naka ni kakushi)
Is the constant reminder
(Teisuu omoidasa sete kuremasu)
Of my memories
(Ore no omoideno)

In silence I hear
(Shijima no naka de ore ga kikoe)
Thundering grief
(Raimei no Kanashimi)
Distracting my mind
(Ore no kokoro o sorasa)

Infecting my life
(Ore no jinsei o kansen)
It ruins my affection
(Sore wa ore no aijoo o dainashi ni)
Taints my emotions
(Ore no kanjoo o osen)
Violates waking life
(Mezamete iru jinsei ni ihan)
Turning love to remorse
(Jiseki no nen ni ai o senkai)

And remorse to hate
(To hansei ga kirai ni)
And hate to anger
(To ikari ni kirai)
And anger to loss
(Sonshitsu to ikari)

Don’t get lost inside your anger
(Anata no ikari no uchigawa ni maigo ninaide kudasai)
The fire burns all you love
(Hi wa anata ga aisuru koto o subete o moyasu)

All are swallowed by the vortex
(Subete wa uzu ni yotte nomikoma reru)

When the fire has subsided and the ash has blown away only myself withering remains
(Hi ga osamatta to hai ga jibun dake wa nokosa kare fukitobasa reta toki)

Track Name: Ame to Yuki [Rain and Snow]
Rain, Rain, go away
(Ame, ame, Kieru)
Don’t come back to me
(Ore ni modottekonai)
Don’t come back

My tears are lost inside the rain
(Ore no namida ga ame no uchigawa ni ushinawa re)

This rain has come to isolate me
And I can’t hold its weight.

Soak through me
(Ore tooshite hitaru)
Drench my heart
(Bishonure ni kokoro)

Rain has come to isolate
(Ame ga bunri suru ni natte kita)

It is done
But it still falls
(Shikashi, sore wa mada sagaru)

I hoped it was snow
(Sore wa yukidatta kitai sa)

It’s cold embrace
(Samui Hooyooda)

So cold but it warms
(Son’nani samuku soreha atatame)

Snow fell down on top of me
(Yuki wa ore no ue ni taoreta)

Gently stroking my face
(Yasashiku kao o naderu)

See the warm is harmful
(Attakaiga yuugaide mi)
Love the cold
(Kaze o aisuru)

Rain fell down on top of me
Soaking my skin and freezing my thoughts
When all is drenched you’re gunna see
You can’t just wipe away heavy rain
Track Name: Silent Monsters
Hidden behind every mask is the stench of the human condition
Writhing inside the altruism of falsehood
We’re born a species infused with freewill and empty whim
And we choose to use it to take it away from others

(Demonic Whisper)
The salvations in the sky
In the stars
To make you insignificant
Like you are, like we are
Just like ants. Purposeless

We all share the same potential for death
And mindless cruelty
It’s a secret cancer that can’t be cured
It killed your conscience
Your mother, your Father are demons veiled in flesh
Maternity to spread the plague
You’re no different from the sheep
That Follow

Religion self-justifies corruption within themselves
They’re Paedophilic, Misogynistic, and Homophobic parasites

Cleanse the world of putrid systems
Freedom for the Malcontents of
Malcontents of Man

Masochistic obsessions of oblivion drive us mad
Our ego blinds us to the real ending
A world without our disease or destruction crippling nature
We wrap ourselves in comfort to ignore that we are

Falling down from high upon our pedestal
We swallow our excrement
Track Name: Biran [Inevitable]
Since the day of your birth to your deathbed you wait for everything
(Zi dansheng di na yitian, ni de linzhong dengdai yiqie)
You wait for money, you wait for love, and you wait to come of age
(Ni jiu dengzhe ni de qian, ni dendai de ai, ni jiu dengzhe shidai laile)
With all this waiting you could live another lifetime only to wait again
(Suizhe zhe yiqie de dengdai zhong, ni keyi zai huo yibeizi zhi neng zaici dengdai)
It seems that waiting is an inevitable human condition
(Kàn lái děnghòu shì yīgè bìrán rénlèi shēngcún tiáojiàn)

Turn your waiting into making
(Dakai ni de dengdai shi)
Make something worth waiting for
(Zhide dengdai de dongxi)
Because you can shape your gifts
(Yinwei ni keyi suzao ni de liwu)
You just need to recognise the opportunity
(Ni zhi xuyao renshi dao de jihui)

This is your chance
(Zhè shì nǐ de jīhuì)
Create a better life
(Chuàngzào gèng měihǎo de shēnghuó)
Track Name: Que Voyez-Vous [What do you See?]
Watching from apparent distance
We don’t see our own ignorance
Narcissistic self-involvement
Laughing at our own reflection
Tell me now what do you see?
(Dites-moi maintenant ce que tu vois)

We all see what we choose to see
(Nous voyons tous ce que nous choisisson de voir)
But if we stopped blinding ourselves
We would see the truth

It’s only a matter of time you know
(Ce n’est qu’une question de temps vous savez)
I know
(Je Sais)
You know?
(Vous le savez?)
You knew this whole time?
(Vous saviez tout ce temps?)
Yes, I just chose not to listen
(Oui, j’ai juste choisi de ne pas l’ecouter)

Now will you answer me this please?
(Maintenant va me repondre s’il vous plait?)

Yeh! What do you see?
What do you see?
(Que Voyez-vous)
Inside your lonely narcissistic lies

All things come to an end and repeat
(Toutes les choses ont une fin et repetez)
But what happens when somebody
Figures out your ways

Well I guess I will lie some more
But your defeat is the realisation
Yes, but they don’t have to know that
Why can’t you admit that you’re wrong?
Because that would make me just like everyone else
You are everyone else you fool

This fall will hurt
(Cette baisse va faire mal)
Shatter all you made
Now you’re down here
Track Name: Uppenbarelse [Revelation]
In this world dressed in chains
(I denna värld klädd i kedjor)
Reality is superficial
(verkligheten är ytlig)
Percieved reality was created by society
(Upplevd verklighet är skapad av samhället)
And music brakes the chains of perception
(och musik bryter kedjorna av uppfattning)
It smashes them
(Det krossar dem)

Revelation! Of mesmerising TV spectres
Revelation! using sex as an incentive.


Invisible hands that massage your senses
They render them rundundant
Free your eyes, see this injustice

There’s spirals on the screen
And they mute out all the screams
Of your better self, destroy yourself

Bullshit noise
Coming from the void
Protect yourself, erase yourself

Listen Good and Listen Well
This song will send you all to hell
But better than that bearded man
Who marvels at his own reflection